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Welcome to CU Communicator!

Greetings fellow travelers!

Welcome to CU Communicator, a blog designed to share information about the creative ways in which credit unions are getting the word out about the value credit unions bring to consumers! As most CU marketers and PR types know, there’s not a lot of money in the budget for advertising. To be successful, credit union types have to be creative … or to drop a cliche’ … we have to think outside the box.

Hopefully, the information in this blog will help us all get outside the box.

We’ll do a little spotlight on CU ad campaigns, but most of our focus will involve credit unions and “earned” media (the stuff that makes your credit union look good, and doesn’t cost anything).

Your humble servant is located in NC, so our posts will revolve around what’s happening in the Tar Heel State. But whether you live in Raleigh or Reno, Wilmington or Waukegan … feel free to share your own ideas and ask questions!



4 Responses

  1. This is a great idea!!

  2. Great idea for communicating with fellow credit unions!! I’m confident this can become a gathering point for CU marketing/PR folks like me to share, gather, and discuss this exciting profession and industry.

  3. Matt –

    I hope so! CU folks are by nature resourceful it seems, so I hope that in some way this blog can be a great means of exchanging information.

    Great blog yourself, Matt!

  4. Jeff, Great to see you launching this – I’ve added the link to Open Source CU, and look forward to participating in the conversation!

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