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A Lotta Love for the Little Guy!

Have you ever seen the Cadillac “Break Through” ads? You know – the ones where Cadillac Escalades and other models like the CTS are flying down the highway to the pounding beat of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” (I found a grainy version of the original Break Though ad on You Tube.)

That campaign was brilliant for one simple reason – it changed consumer perceptions of Cadillacs. Before Break Through, people perceived the average Cadillac driver to be a 70-something year old grandma with a poodle on her lap. But after Madison Avenue “Pimped Cadillac’s Ride,” the average age of a Cadillac buyer dropped by 20 years! Suddenly, Cadillacs were cool … and the Hip-Hop generation was showing grandma how to use the accelerator.

The Break Through campaign reminds us that creative approaches to advertising can help consumers view the same product in a completely new light.

Enter CUNA and the “Little Guy” campaign. CUNA introduced the Little Guy to Congress on swearing-in day, distributing more than 16,000 commemorative buttons to members of Congress, Hill staffers and visitors. CUNA also purchased radio ads and placed Little Guy political cartoons in Hill publications.

According to Pat Keefe at CUNA, the Little Guy resembles children’s book character Flat Stanley. He’s a warm and fuzzy everyman. He’s the Little Guy!

The point of the Little Guy campaign is to change the conversation on Capitol Hill. As CUNA’s Mark Wolff put it in the March edition of Credit Union Magazine, the conversation on the Hill “shouldn’t be about what’s best for banks. It should be about who is looking out for hardworking Americans.”

I agree with Mark – and the Little Guy is a great approach because it pokes fun at the up is down logic of bankers and their tendency to spread words like ‘unfettered,’ and ‘morphed’ all over the Hill. And just like the Break Through campaign showed consumers that Granny’s Cadillac had a cool, muscular side, the Little Guy shows Congress the reality of who credit unions are – and whom they serve.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the Little Guy, go to www.cuna.org and click on the picture of the Little Guy.


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