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The Little Guy Scores Big with NC CUs at GAC!

The NC hospitality suite at the recently-concluded CUNA GAC had a special guest visitor, as a four foot tall Little Guy held court over the comings-and-goings in DC. The Little Guy debuted on Congressional swearing-in day in January, as CUNA attempts to change the conversation on Capitol Hill. The League’s John Radebaugh and Eric Gelly (pictured here) exchanged pleasantries with the Little Guy during his stay in the suite.

CUNA says the Little Guy is connecting in the halls of Congress, and if word-of-mouth in the hospitality suite is any guide, the Little Guy is making quite an impression with credit union people as well! Folks in the suite chatted about a lot of topics over the course of the GAC, but the Little Guy seemingly stole the show – he was the Hot Topic.

One NC volunteer waved around a foot-tall Little Guy with credit union info on the back and said he’d love the opportunity to get hundreds of them to pass out at his credit union. “Don’t even put our logo on it,” he said, ” just keep the talking points on the back and give it to our folks. They’d love it!”

CUNA is going to share the details of a grassroots Little Guy campaign with state leagues in the next few weeks. This will be the next step in the campaign that will introduce him to a much larger audience.

The folks in Madison will ultimately have to make a decision as to the Little Guy’s place in the credit union universe, but in the world of “Web 2.0” … could it be that the Little Guy will wind up being a viral branding campaign for our movement?

If word around the hospitality suite is any guide, he’s got a shot at it.


3 Responses

  1. Hi there. From your March 7 post, it looks like you may know this was coming already, but a new Little Guy clip was released last week and is pretty good (and fun). It’s “The Story of the Little Guy” and can be accessed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNUEtLRnS3k (If you go to this the video will start on its own.)

    Just passing it on. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Register Lady!

    Thanks for the feedback – the Little Guy video is available on this blog (and the Marketing Council Blog) by clicking on the appropriate picture under the video links.

    Nice blog by the way – I have shared it with some folks who will no doubt find it helpful.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hey, I just remembered to check back here… Thanks for the comments about my blog, and for passing it on. That’s encouraging 🙂

    While I was here I thought I’d check out your video links. The screen shots are nice, but when I clicked on Little Guy and one of the Mica videos, for some reason I only got the sound. Maybe it’s because of what I do/don’t have on my system (in which case, never mind!). But fyi anyway.

    Thanks, have a great evening.

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