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The Great Thursday Road Show

After a spectacular run of 80 degree weather, winter is trying to make a comeback here in the South. If the weather guessers are right, we’re headed for the 20’s this weekend. (Time for a disclosure – I used to be a TV weatherman before I became a PR lackey. It’s been a good career move … these days, I sleep a lot better and lie a lot less.) 🙂

Meteorological changes aside, it’s a Great Thursday. The Braves managed an outstanding 3-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies last night. The game turned on a spectacular eighth inning relay throw from Jeff Francouer to Kelly Johnson to Brian McCann that absolutely nailed Ryan Howard at the plate. Dude was road-kill!

Speaking of the road (terrible segue I know), it’s also a Great Thursday because I’m hitting the road to visit a couple of credit union success stories today. First up is a trip to Kilwin’s, an ice cream shop in Cary. Kilwin’s is newly opened thanks to a member business loan provided to the Hernandez family by Coastal Federal Credit Union.

Credit unions don’t talk a lot about their business lending success stories, and we really should. A few credit unions here in NC make loans to help folks like the Hernandez family open small retail businesses.

Many other CUs provide loans to members who open lawn care and other small businesses. While not a business loan in the strict sense of the word, the jobs and opportunities created are the same as the loans made by Coastal.

After visiting the Hernandez family in Cary, I’ll be off to Food Lion Credit Association CU’s annual meeting in Salisbury. It’s a big night for them, as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary — and officially unveiling their new name. (I’ll post a link to the story and the name later tonight.)

The Food Lion staff, headed up by John McGrail, is absolutely committed to serving its members — and they’re some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It’ll be a great crew to hang out with on a Great Thursday evening.

Afterward, it’s off to Good Friday and a three-day weekend. Y’all have a great weekend!



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