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Champion Credit Union Gets Awesome Kudos in Newspaper Article

Champion Credit Union in Canton is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. It’s one of our state’s oldest credit unions (in fact, Champion is the oldest credit union in NC that doesn’t have “postal” in its name).

A local newspaper near Canton, the Waynesville Enterprise-Mountaineer, did a fantastic front page article on the history of the credit union. Included in the story is the fact that a random encounter on an airplane ride inspired the founding of the credit union, and a fellow named Bergengren came to Canton to help organize the credit union.

Yeah, that Bergengren!

The story also shares some great information about how people in the mill community have relied upon Champion over the past three quarters of a century for their financial services.

You can read the story by clicking here. If you aren’t touched by the loyalty and affection Champion members have for the credit union after reading this story, please quit your credit union job immediately and go work for a bank.


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