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Team Little Guy Blog Launched

If you were in attendance at the Annual Meeting in Pinehurst earlier this month, you probably heard about “Team Little Guy.” TLG is a group of twelve credit union runners who are going to run in the 208-mile Blue Ridge Relay Race in September.

As a biker, I have no idea why anyone would run 208 miles (even if twelve folks divide up the work with a nifty little baton).

Keep the baton, and please pass the phone so I can rent a car.

At any rate, TLG will be blogging about the experience of training for and running in the race. It’s a bit of a flier, but we hope to accomplish a few things …

  • It’s a way to thank our sponsors and share the experience with them (and let them hassle the team mercilessly).
  • It’s a way to spotlight the excellent work of the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation and the Micro Community Grants Program.
  • It’s a way for 12 guys who like to run to share their knowledge, and learn from other runners in the blogosphere.
  • With runners scattered all over the East Coast and Midwest (some of whom have never met), it’s a way for the team to build unity.
  • It’s also a way for us to learn more about Social Media.
  • It will also be an initial test of the “Big Idea” concept mentioned in this space previously.

If you are so inclined, please check out The Little Guy blog … and pass it along to the folks you know who are into running.


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