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On Katrina’s Second Anniversary, Mississippi Credit Unions Pause to Say Thank You

We all remember the heart-rending scenes from the Gulf Coast in the days that followed August 29, 2005. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, so many people lost everything they own – and worse.

In the wake of the storm, credit unions across the world banded together to help out our neighbors. The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation was one of many credit union organizations to assist those in need. The CCUF donated more than $120,000 in direct cash assistance to victims of the storm.

On this second anniversary, the Mississippi Credit Union Association sent out this video to say thanks to those of you who were a part of the recovery. It’s emotionally powerful stuff, complete with interviews from people two years ago expressing gratitude at a low point in their lives.

In addition to the video posted below, if you go to www.youtube.com/mscreditunionassoc, you can leave a comment for our friends along the Gulf Coast.


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