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In the South, We’ll Use Duct Tape on Anything …


… even a viral marketing campaign as it turns out. Yours truly got the “press kit” for Carolina Postal Credit Union’s “I Love My Hoopty” campaign … which includes the bumper sticker and duct tape.

So what’s a Hoopty? Well, this video should give you an idea …


So what’s a cheap, clunky car got to do with a credit union? Well, plenty in CPCU’s case. Marketing Diva Deb McLean said the idea came from members, who would come in looking for a small-dollar loan to get a “Hoopty” for delivering the mail (a lot of rural mail carriers don’t get the government issue mail wagon).

So the credit union decided to have a little fun with a term that is well understood and appreciated by their members (it’s easy to cut through the clutter when there isn’t any clutter to begin with …). 


CPCU has also started a blog for all things Hoopty. This blog piece is brilliant – behind every clunker car anyone has ever owned lies at least one great story that looks a lot funnier in the rear view mirror. The Hoopty stories, photos and videos submitted by members will be compiled on the blog, and winners will receive a prize.

Diva Deb says the point of the campaign is not to make a lot of Hoopty loans, but to have fun and to build relationships with members. Check out the blog at http://www.ilovemyhoopty.blogspot.com/ (and feel free to share a Hoopty story here or on the CPCU blog).  


10 Responses

  1. That’s awesome. I love it personally. I have a thing for cheap cars, and when I was trying to find a loan for my `96 $3500 Miata (Micro-Hoopty if you will) I found that no one even wanted to talk to me since it was either A) Too cheap, B) Too old, C) Both. Not my bank, not big Credit Unions.

    However a small credit Union in my small country hometown called “Steel Parts” would, and they gave me a better rate by far than any I could have gotten anywhere else (if they would have given me a loan). Not to mention the service and sense of community I got there was amazing (heck, my loan officer lives across the street from my parents).

    So – I love this campaign. (esp for a mail CU!)

  2. Well, I think that only Diva Deb could actually find a way to use the word “hoopty” in a campaign. Hats off to you Diva Deb – – you ROCK! What a great way to market and build a bond with a segment of your membership. I too remember my first “hoopty” – – infact, my dad still owns it. It was a 1964 Nova SS, but now he has painted over the white rusted fenders and turned it into a hot rod – – neon and all! I bet the Diva had a purple hoopty in her past somewhere! LOL

  3. @Brandon … LOL @ Micro Hoopty. Good to hear that other CUs are reaching out to the hoopty consumers.

    @TN .. Yes, she’s a jewel, that Deb. We need to see a pic of your dad’s hoopty on Deb’s blog soon. 😉

  4. I bow down to the Diva – perfectly targeted campaign, great execution, and yet another example of Deb doing things the right way.

  5. @Warrior: I agree … your football pick ’em videos are awesome as well, and another great example of having fun and building relationships with members. I’m wondering two things …

    1) Can I spotlight it soon … and

    2) Is there a prize for 441st place in Pick ‘Em? 😉

  6. I say anyone who actually made their picks and still end up worse than 500 really deserves a prize…it’s unarguably a talent.

  7. What a great campaign. Talk about promoting thrift and building community. Nice work, CPCU.

  8. @Warrior: I’ll see what I can do about tanking the rest of the year. (That’s right, despite all appearances, I AM trying.) 😉

    @Charlie: It is a great campaign, indeed! I have never had a Hoopty in the classic sense of the word, but there are a couple of vehicles down the line I wish I had not come across. 😉

  9. no offense but that video which you declared the car in it a hoopty is way off. I’ve started a website called hooptierides.com a few days ago with a co-worker. We both work in the towing industry and see hoopties all day long, usually towing them. A good definition for a hooptie is a car that runs, but looks like it shouldn’t. so far my truck is the only picture on the site but you might want to use it for your example. please check out the site and i’d love any feedback. As criticizing as i might sound i too love the idea oh a hooptie campaign slogan keep up the good work

  10. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for weighing in, and I agree with you – that car is pretty smokin’ in the video. Unfortunately for me, I did not have any old pictures of some of my Hooptys laying around. 😉

    Thanks for the comment, and best of luck with the site!

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