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“To See How Credit Unions Are Different, Please Click ‘A’ on Your Remote …”


Charlotte Metro Credit Union has taken the standard television ad campaign one step further, adding interactive links to the mix for Time-Warner Cable subscribers with specially-enabled digital cable boxes in the Charlotte area. A standard 30 second ad featuring former NBA star Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues, who is also a CMCU member, debuted on the cable system earlier this fall.

At the end of the spot, the message, “Want to see what Muggsy knows? Press ‘A’ on your Time Warner Cable remote now,” appears on the screen. According to CMCU Director of Marketing Nathan Tothrow, viewers who click “A” are switched to the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Carolina on Demand channel where they can play a short documentary that describes credit unions and why they are a great alternative to traditional banking. 

This form of interactive technology is new to Time-Warner in the Southeast, and CMCU is the first advertiser to try it out. In the first month of the campaign, the response rate was a robust 17%, which far exceeded Nathan’s expectations for the campaign.  


Nathan is a big proponent of television advertising, and having a national celebrity who has a strong local presence as your pitchman is an outstanding way to grab attention. Kudos to Nathan and CMCU for taking the traditional advertising campaign and adding “A” great touch!


5 Responses

  1. Hey Jeff! Thanks for letting us know about this. Normally I’m not a big fan of celebrity endorsements for CUs… after all, aren’t we all about treating the members like rock stars? But in this case, Muggsy himself is a classic underdog who succeed against tall odds… literally. And obviously the campaign is working! Love the innovation of the interactivity.

  2. It’s a good spot.

  3. @Morriss – Agreed on all points. Muggsy is big (so to speak) in Charlotte, and is one of the few stars of the Hornets era who has retained a high level of visibility in the area over the years.

    He was also a CMCU member before he was a CMCU pitchman – which given his bio, makes perfect sense.

  4. My hat’s off to Charlotte Metro. Great way to market to your community charter! Wake Forest guy, Charlotte Hornets guy, unique person (skill, height, etc.) – awesome choice for a spokesman! Now, you are an early adopter of a new digital cable technology! Awesome job!

  5. Very nice. The script positions the CU perfectly.

    I’m sure that the banks will “Stop Laughing” as soon as they see this.

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