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Putting out an Amber Alert for the CU Skeptic

Last month, Trey Reeme blogged about the mysterious CU Skeptic, who recently started a blog. Our shadowy CU Skeptic put on a cloak of anonymity and announced to the world that he was not “drinking the CU kool-aid.”

“Cool,” I thought at the time – this fellow could stir the pot a bit and perhaps help us to see a different perspective.

Well, here we are a month later and the CU Skeptic has (so far) made like Judge Crater and vanished. Poof! Gone! The early posts (three of them to be exact) were pretty good – one discussion alone garnered 33 comments. (Sheesh do I have a TOTAL of 33 comments?!)  But ever since October 18th, International Credit Union Day, our Skeptic has gone quiet. Nothing in three weeks. Three posts and out. Are you kidding me?

For a skeptic, our Skeptic doesn’t seem very skeptical.

Perhaps there’s a kick-butt skeptics convention this time of the year … or maybe our 20-something skeptic met a young and lovely and the un-sexy land of credit unions can’t compete … or maybe he found something more fun to be skeptical about – Free Online Tetris, for instance.

Whatever the reason, I hope the skeptic will pick the ball up again and start challenging the CU kool aid drinkers out there (including me).  


9 Responses

  1. maybe he knew we were onto him. he really wasn’t all that mysterious.

  2. Maybe he just lost his scepticism. Maybe he was swayed into conformity (as it is) by our compelling evangelism.

    Then again maybe he is just hooked on the new prime time line-up… CSI HAS been particularly interesting with Sarah and Grissom hooking up you know.

  3. @Tony & Terrell – thanks for weighing in … sounds like you’re as skeptical of the Skeptic as I am. 😉

  4. No way Sarah and Grissom finally hooked up?!? I haven’t watched that show in three years. It just got too gruesome for me.

    How do we know he’s not the alter ego of one of us? Maybe it has something to do with the full moon, or the change of seasons? Some say we all have a “dark” side.

    Maybe skeptic started the whole thing as some sort of reaching out for help to get back on track with his own CU philosophy. That’s all the psychoanalysis I have time for this morning.

  5. LOL. Big splash, then “poof!” We’ve all become CUSkeptic sketpics.

  6. @Dan – I’m with you, buddy! I’ve always suspected that the Skeptic is known to a few folks.

  7. @CU Communicator: Thanks for missing me and holding me responsible to my purpose. The last 3 weeks have been super busy at work but it still doesn’t excuse my absence. I’ll try to do better this month.

    Also, I’m back with a quick look at the Detroit Municipal Credit Union Holiday Loans and the conversation on OSCU take on the issue.

  8. Welcome back, Skeptic!

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