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Let’s Hear It for North Cackalack!

The folks at CUNA recently announced its national award winners, and NC is representing! Latino Community Credit Union, Members Credit Union and the Western Chapter all earned Honorable Mentions in the national Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award competition.

The Western Chapter, which is made up of 12 credit unions, earned recognition for its efforts at curbing hunger among western NC schoolchildren. The chapter partnered with the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation and Eblen Charities to expand Eblen’s Food for Thought program into four new counties located around Asheville. This program expansion is helping thousands of students who would otherwise hit the books on empty stomachs to receive healthful snacks.

(As a footnote, the chapter has committed to keep the snack bins filled this year and in the future, so they will be a strong contender for the award here in NC and nationally in 2008!)

Latino Community Credit Union received recognition for its outstanding financial education program that is helping members take control of their finances. The credit union has worked tirelessly to help educate its members about understanding how the system of financial services works in America. These efforts are a godsend for those members who have little or no experience navigating personal finance.

(Another footnote: Latino recently debuted a full-length feature film detailing the ins-and-outs of purchasing a home. Titled Los Sueños de Angélica (Angélica’s Dreams), the film is helping the credit union teach an important financial education lesson to its more than 50,000 members.) 

Members Credit Union, which is the home of the Credit Union Warrior, was recognized for a variety of community service projects … including completely repainting the home of an elderly woman (who incidentally is not even a member of the credit union). Members has now won the award here in NC three straight years in its asset category. As far as we can tell, no one has ever won more than three in a row. Knowing Members, they’ll be in the thick of the hunt next year.

(Edit 11/30 to add: The CU Warrior, Matt Davis, has been named to Filene’s 30 Under 30 group. No wonder there – Matt’s the creative force behind many of the credit union’s current campaigns, including Football Pick ‘Em. Congratulations, Matt!)

The national awards will be presented at the Wegner Dinner in Washington, DC in early March. I can’t wait to head up there and put my hands together for the folks in NC who are working so hard to benefit so many!    


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  1. Congrats to Latino Community CU and the Western Chapter! What a great state for credit unions!

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