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Social Media Spotlight … Young & Free Alberta Gets Ready to Announce Winner After Wildly Successful Campaign

(Note: this is an update to a previous post about a Social Media Campaign that is both eye-catching and innovative.)

The applications have been processed, video blogs recorded and the votes tallied in Common Wealth Credit Union’s Young & Free campaign! Young & Free, developed and rolled out a few months ago for Common Wealth by Currency Marketing, enjoyed wild success – much more I’m betting than even the credit union and Currency envisioned.

The campaign was created to call attention to Common Wealth’s free checking product for young adults under the age of 25. The concept is for applicants aged 18-25 to record videos sharing why the credit union should hire them on as a spokesperson for the credit union, as well as a blogger about the social scene in Northern Alberta. Blog readers then got to vote on who they thought should be the spokesperson.

All told, 11 people submitted video applications. From this pool, three finalists … Shane Lamotte, Larissa Walkiw and Paula Mickelson emerged. During the voting period last week, the finalists nabbed a ton of attention on local news and radio programs, and thousands of people visited the blog site to watch the videos and cast their votes.

I wonder how much money it would have cost Common Wealth to garner that kind of media and public attention in a more traditional advertising campaign?  

The winner will be announced Monday, December 10th on the Young & Free site. I suspect that Currency’s Tim McAlpine will have plenty to say about this campaign once it concludes (and he has the chance to catch his breath!). When we hear from Tim, we’ll pass along that information.

Kudos to Tim and Currency for the concept, and to Common Wealth CU for taking a very public chance on this Social Media Campaign. Anyone in credit union land giving serious thought to Social Media should spend a few hours scanning the Y&F site!      


2 Responses

  1. Wow! Thanks for the great recap. This month has been an amazing blur. I usually don’t get so involved in the day-to-day running of marketing programs for our credit union clients, but this has been so much fun that I couldn’t help myself. Everyday, I couldn’t wait to check my e-mail to see what the finalists had been up to the night before.

    All we did was set the stage. These kids took it to a place we only dreamed about. We asked the client “What if we looked for a spokesperson” and the client said “OK.” There is no safety net or PR spin. Whatever happens, happens. Common Wealth is showing total courage and they are reaping rewards.

    The ‘what-if’ scenarios usually kill an idea like this.

    I really believe this is the way communicating with Generation Y should be and will be done in the future. Notice how I didn’t say marketing to Generation Y.

    Thanks again. We’ll definitely keep you posted.

  2. Tim – thanks so much for dropping in during such a busy time! It’s been fun to watch Y&F unfold – and the finalists really blew me away both with their talents and initiative to get attention for their efforts.

    Good luck with the wrap-up … and it will be fun and interesting to see how the winner does in the upcoming year!

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