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High Fives for the Close of Another Year

Wow – yet another year is about to sail right out the door! At this time of the year, lists of the biggest news stories and happenings seem to pop up in the media. Here are a few outstanding credit union happenings & award-winning performances from NC and elsewhere, in no particular order. I welcome your input on your personal CU highlight list for 2007 …

  •  Much of the subprime mortgage mess has emerged in the headlines the past few months, but the Center for Responsible Lending in Durham studied the problem carefully long before most people were aware that a crisis loomed. Self Help CU’s Martin Eakes testified before the Senate in February this year, and a number of credit unions stepped up with specific product solutions to the problem in the months that followed. It’s great that we have such passionate advocates for consumers in the NC CU movement!
  • State Employees’ Credit Union and Local Government FCU were two such credit unions that developed specific solutions to help refinance members out of these mortgages made by other lenders. As a result of their efforts, “Home for the Holidays” will have a special meaning for more than 500 NC families.
  • While those 500 families no doubt love their credit union, a more fun marketing effort happened this year for people who love their hoopty! Carolina Postal Credit Union’s I Love My Hoopty campaign and blog generated a lot of attention, and gave owners of beat up cars everywhere a virtual hangout.
  • Matt Davis, the Credit Union Warrior, gets the nod for most creative and cost-effective marketing campaign. Matt created a series of videos to run in conjunction with the credit union’s Football Pick ‘Em contest. As part of the video pitch, Matt encouraged credit union members to sign up for e-statements, offering a chance to win a cash prize. Members increased e-statement participation by 35% in a little more than two months, signing up more than 1,000 members. Total dollar cost of the campaign? A little less than $2,300 – which was the cash prize!       
  • Team Little Guy, the rascally band of twelve credit union runners, ran the 208-mile Blue Ridge Relay Race in September. Thanks to the generosity of credit unions and credit union people, TLG raised more than $70,000 for the Micro Community Grants program of the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation! The TLG blog, which chronicled the team’s preparation for and running in the race, received more than 12,000 hits in three months.
  • Cooperative award – to the multiple credit unions who linked up with Carolina Postal Credit Union to support Operation CU Troop. Thanks to the efforts of credit unions of all sizes from Charlotte to Reidsville, the holidays will be a little brighter for troops stationed overseas.
  • Coolest Social Media Campaign – Young & Free, produced by Currency Marketing for Common Wealth Credit Union in Alberta. We’ve blogged about Y&F in this space before, but check out the site – as they have announced the Young & Free spokesperson – now the real fun begins heading into 2008!
  • Coolest CU blogs: Hopewell FCU (OH), Piedmont CU (Danville, VA), Tinfoiling (Mt Lehman, BC CU CEO Gene Blishen) and Verity CU (WA). Credit unions entertaining the idea of starting a blog should check these folks out!  

That’s just a few of my personal favorites from the year that is wrapping up. Feel free to share your own highlights & award list in the comments section!

Finally, I heard a great song performed at a holiday concert this past weekend. It’s a Kwanzaa song titled Eya Ache.  The term Eya Ache, while not directly translatable, means “to bring forth one’s good.” Thank you for bringing forth your good through your work in the credit union industry. Your efforts have great impact on the lives of millions. For this fact and for you, I am very thankful.


6 Responses

  1. 500 families kept their homes because of CU’s!?!? That is awesome!!! Way to go Local Gov. FCU and SECU!. I have some good friends who are ever faithful members at both of your CU’s. What a great example of what CU’s can mean to people.

    I’d never heard of anything like the Operation CU Troop. That sounds great too.

    Thanks for the props Jeff, I’m humbled that our CU blog made the list with the likes of Hoopty and Football Pickem. I’ve said this before, but Matt totally has me wishing I could join Members CU!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, it’s good to know we’ve made somebody’s cool list- this was new territory for us-but a project we feel very worthwhile and I know we’re excited about the responses we’ve received so far-and look forward to a bigger and better 2008!

    I’m personally amazed by the power that CU’s have in contributing back to their local communities too. What we can all accomplish when we work together is amazing.

  3. @Dan – hey, thanks for lighting the way for credit unions considering making the blog leap. It’s been great to follow your blog this year!

    @Al: Thanks for stopping by – the cell phone collection Hopewell did was terrific, and your post about why you’re blogging should be required reading!

  4. How about a shout out for the NC Credit Union League? Name another state trade association that has done a better job participating in the Web 2.0 discussion? Great job, Jeff and the NC Credit Union League!

  5. Charlotte Metro’s campaign using Muggsy Bogues deserves a shout out.

  6. Great end of the year roundup. Have a wonderful new year everybody! Hopefully ’08 will be as bloggerrific as ’07 has been!

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