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Members Credit Union Honors Its Rock on the Front Lines

As Denise Wymore blogged early this week, a true brand builder has made like Elvis and left the building. Members Credit Union’s building, that is. Jeanine Miller, who anchored the front lines of the credit union for 44 years, retired on Tuesday.

Members threw an all-out bash to honor the soft-spoken Jeanine, and nearly a hundred folks stopped in to say goodbye. While Jeanine’s legacy was largely wrapped up in the members she loved serving so much, there’s another piece to this story that I discovered while at the ceremony. Jeanine has been a touch-point for many leaders within the NC credit union industry. At one time or another, she has worked alongside or trained people such as Team & Wheel FCU President/CEO Juanita Brewer, and Ft. Bragg FCU CEO David Elliott. Jeanine was one of the first people leaders like Dave and Juanita encountered as they started their own careers in the credit union movement.

Of course, her influence extended inside the building as well. She was a rock for management through good times and bad. When Members’ primary sponsor group, the McLean Trucking Company, went belly-up in 1986, it was Jeanine who comforted and informed jittery members who mistakenly thought the credit union might fold right along with the trucking company.

Thanks to her leadership, her skill and her love for the credit union, Members survived that scare. She leaves the credit union 44 years after she started with the institution thriving – based on assets, Members is more than 100 times larger today than when Jeanine first reported to work there in 1963.

But her imprint on the lives of people she has touched throughout the years is her real legacy.

We’re starting a new segment here at the League, called Our Voices. In short, it’s a spotlight on the people who make NC credit unions great. To kick it off, here are a few words and pictures from the people who knew her best at Members.

Godspeed, Jeanine – and thank you for your 44 years of service on the Movement’s front lines.


7 Responses

  1. Wow! I’d say more, but I have goosebumps. Thank you for such a touching tribute to the “face of Members Credit Union.” She will be missed.

  2. An inspirational tribute to an inspirational woman. Well done!

  3. Incredible. She is an inspiration to CU staff everywhere. That’s a great video tribute to a great employee. Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Warrior & Carla: I meant to say this in the main post, but thank you so much for helping out with pictures and interviews on Tuesday! It’s always a pleasure, and in this case – it was a pure joy to do this project.

    @Andy: Thanks! I look forward to watching your career unfold in credit unions, friend!

  5. THIS should be the National Brand Campaign…..and by that I mean an “Internal” brand campaign.
    It teaches credit unions how to be credit unions.

    This video addresses huge issues – losing a sponsor group, but not losing the faith. Not judging members only by their credit score and current position in life. And of course how the front line adds more value to the bottom line than we know how to measure.

    And I too got goosebumps watching it. Nice job.

  6. @Denise: Amen! Thanks for letting people know about this special woman on your blog!

  7. This is the essence of the “credit union” culture. Say no more!

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