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The Power of Collaboration: Western Chapter Helps to Provide Snacks to Thousands of School Children

I’ve spent much of the week in the Asheville area working with the credit unions in the Western Chapter on a very special video project. The chapter has partnered with Eblen Charities to provide nutritious snacks to thousands of school children in four counties that surround Asheville. (Special thanks to Dana Thompson, Rita Willis and all the people involved who set up the schedule and made time for me!) 

These counties have been hit hard by job losses over the years, and a significant number of students in the school systems there receive free or reduced lunch.

The program designed to help is called Food for Thought, and part of this program involves providing snacks to schools – the idea of the program being that if you’re a kid without enough to eat, it’s hard to focus on schoolwork. Another nice element – anyone who needs it can have a snack, so there’s no sense of shame or embarrassment involved.

The Western Chapter of Credit Unions raises the funds to purchase the snacks, and also serve as distribution points for the snacks. Many credit union people have logged hundreds if not thousands of miles during the school year to help deliver snacks to schools!   

The credit unions are a key player in this program, but there are a lot of other agencies at the table as well making sure that no one goes hungry while at school. More on that in a separate video coming up soon.

In the meantime, here’s a touching story that shows just how meaningful this program has been to one student who attends Clyde Elementary School in Haywood County. This story was related to us by Mikell Clark-Webb of Clyde Elementary School, who was interviewed by Dana Thompson of Mountain Credit Union.

Kudos to the Western Chapter for working together to create such happy outcomes!


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