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Keep Touting Credit Unions in the Credit Crisis – And Do It on Your Web Sites!

Ah, the wonders of technology. As I write this at 3:00 pm on Friday, I know that 10 people have landed on this site since early this morning by doing a web search using terms such as “credit unions in credit crisis,” “credit unions safe and sound” and “credit unions and the credit crisis.” These kinds of search terms have been getting people here for months now – and the frequency is picking up lately.    

While your humble author is excited to be able to (hopefully) share helpful information with people who are rightly concerned about the financial headlines … I’m wondering what credit unions are putting out on their web sites to inform and educate members about the safety and soundness of credit union member deposits (not to mention the fact that NC credit unions are kicking some serious tail these days)?

I’m no search engine optimization expert at all, and if you happen to be, I invite you to share tips for credit unions from those who can help.

I suspect that a lot of the hits from people coming here are either concerned consumers who are curious about credit unions as an option … or they’re credit union members doing a generic search on the industry (feel free to comment if you like and tell us what you’re thinking right about now!).   

But the bottom line for CU folks is that your web site is the easiest way to communicate information to reassure your members and *not* putting out a reassuring message on the web has a definite downside.

Because if someone “Googles” your credit union’s name and the credit crisis, you want to make sure you are a relevant part of the search results — especially these days.


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