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Using Newspaper Ads & Web Site, Triad-Area Credit Unions Educate Public About Deposit Insurance

Daily stock market moves are becoming the stuff of Disney E-Ticket rides, and economic concerns continue to grow across the country. These key facts ensure that the financial crisis is with us for the foreseeable future.

In order to inform and educate credit union members and consumers about share insurance, 18 credit unions in the  the Northwest and North Piedmont Chapters (which covers the Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point areas) have joined forces to advertise in seven local newspapers over the next month. The half-page ads will underscore the safety of credit union deposits, and direct consumers to a web site (www.triadcreditunions.com) where they can learn more about the NCUSIF and credit unions.

This is a remarkable campaign on many fronts. The first conference call to put the effort together happened exactly two weeks ago today. The 18 credit unions on the initial call represent a lot of different types of organizations, from large to small, and community charter to single sponsor. But they all saw the need to come together to put out this vital message, and in the end all 18 committed dollars to purchase the ad space.

This outreach comes in addition to their own aggressive efforts to educate and inform their members about share insurance.

The ads roll out in most of the major newspapers of the region beginning this Sunday. The ad series was designed by Todd Lewis in the NCCUL Marketing Department.

Kudos to all these credit unions for working together not only in the good times – but especially now when times are tough!        


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  1. Great post!

    I’m DeAndre, one of the finalists for TDECU’s Young & Free Texas Spokesperson competition. I recently filmed a video asking young people about their thoughts and concerns in reference to credit unions, and one of the concerns was that their money may not be safe.

    You can view the video (and hopefully gain some insight to the brains of the young!) here. http://www.youngfreetexas.com/blog/Video-challenge-Credit-Unions-are-for-Old-People

    I would also loooove it if while you were there, you swung on over to the voting section and cast a vote for me or one of the other finalists. Voting is open until the 24th!

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