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Members Credit Union Launches Blog to Answer Member Questions About Credit Crisis

A quick nod to the folks at Members Credit Union for launching the Ask Jack blog this week (jackbraswell.com). The primary purpose of the blog is to answer member questions about the credit crisis and its impact on their personal finances.

It’s also a brilliant way for the credit union to communicate clearly with members at a time when, frankly, people are making a lot of false assumptions based on what they are seeing, hearing and reading.

The blog features President/CEO Jack Braswell answering member questions on video. At a time of great uncertainty & fear, Members is once again showing us the way to get the job done – be open, honest and upfront.

It’s important to be bold right now, but in the right way. Because when you get down to it, members really don’t care too much about “capital ratios” and whether or not you “did it better” than someone else three years ago. Because when they call, email or drop by and ask, “How is the credit union doing … are you going to be OK?” … what they’re really asking you is, “Am I going to be OK?”

Kudos to Members Credit Union for understanding this simple, powerful principle and providing a forum for people to ask some important questions.


4 Responses

  1. I like the layout and design of their blog a lot.

    The video blog entries might be quick and easy way to get stuff up and posted, but having written answers is (1) better for SEO, and (2) easier for readers to scan for the information they need.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to recognize this initiative. At a minimum, we hope we can settle the public (members or not) about the safety of their deposits. Now, it’s all about trying to get members involved.

  3. @Jeffry: thanks for the SEO reminder and for dropping by to leave a comment!

    @Matt: Thank *you* for taking the initiative to do something really bold and creative like this!

  4. Props to Members. They seem to be a very creative group.

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