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OT: Getting Back in the Game

If you are a member of a fitness club or have been in the past, you’ve no doubt seen the personal trainers leading those pathetic souls around the gym, working them out to the point of collapse. Sweating profusely, these poor folks subject themselves to all manner of pain and sacrifice.

So why would anyone do this, let alone PAY handsomely for the privilege?

Well in my case, I subject myself to this abuse for two reasons …

  1. My trainer, Andrew at the Rush Fitness Center, is a BIG dude.
  2. I can’t outrun him.

So twice a week now for a couple of months, Andrew has been leading me around the club doing all manner of weight training, including core training. All this is helping me discover muscles I never knew I had (thank God for Aleve).

Seriously though, it’s been a great investment in me. For a long time, I was really in good shape and worked out regularly. About 10 years ago, I even did the California AIDS Ride, which is a 585 mile, seven day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles (it’s now known as the AIDS/LifeCycle).

Over the past couple of years, I lost focus and about 35 pounds found me in the process. But with Andrew’s help, I’m down 16 pounds so far, and thinking I’d like to shed about 20 more while adding some muscle in the process.

But more important than numbers, I want to be more fit than I have ever been before.

So does this mean I’m going to hand over the keys to the van this September and run in the Blue Ridge Relay Race as a member of Team Little Guy (as Slacker has done)? NO! Because unless bears (or Andrew) are chasing me, I see no need in running.

But I am going to do the Black and Blue Relay in July, which is a 208 mile, one day bike ride in the mountains. I’ll be teaming up with Ed Agnoli and two other people to form a team. 

I won’t be racing to win … not by a long shot – but it will be my statement to myself that my days of sitting on the sidelines are over.

I’m back in the game.